Accelerating DevOps from Continuous Nothing to Continuous Everything

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Mentoring For Transformational Leaders

Are you an executive, engineering manager, product manager, architect or an engineer seeking to formulate strategies for DevOps and Continuous Everything? Connect!

Consultation For Digital and DevOps Transformation

Want focused consultation for your teams seeking to implement Continuous Everything? Connect for a customized package. 

embark on your journey.

Define and declare.


Define resilient processes that honor DevSecOps and enable Continuous Improvement.

Integrate early. Integrate often.


Identify and embrace "* As A Service" vendors who satisfy your use cases in this heavily fragmented tools market.

Close the skills gap.


Mentor your workforce to identify and sharpen skills that are needed to transform your business.

codify your processes.

Comply. Secure. Audit.


Wire code for your processes to build a pipeline that is secure and auditable.

Automate segregation of duties.


Implement segregation/separation of duties in your Continuous Delivery Pipeline through KPIs and automated software gates.

Embrace continuous everything.


Construct a single prioritized DevSecOps backlog for the whole organization to execute on.

reap rich dividends.

Unleash continuous analytics.


Analyze trends from organizational KPIs to make informed decisions on priorities, team rewards and budget.

Migrate to the Cloud.


Make smart design choices so that no sunshine is lost in this brave and new cloudy world.

Have fun!


No, seriously. Transformation is neither a checklist nor a destination. It's a journey that you will cherish, so fasten your seat-belts!